Antonio Bastos is a musician, composer and producer. Graduated in music, with Masters in Jazz, Percussion and New Music Technologies, the taste for music in general allowed him to assimilate a vast musical culture, zigzagging between electronics, house, world or more orchestral compositions, with a deviation here and there for more elegant grounds such as disco, funk, jazz or classical that reveal all his influences, passions and desires. He owns his own studio, where he produced several bands of different styles. He founded YOU Records with two different labels YOU PLUG ME (electronic, downtempo, lounge, chill out) and YOU FEEL YOU (house), with worldwide distribution. His résumé as a producer is extensive, his works (such as John Waynes and Antonio Bastos) being edited on the most prestigious labels around the world. His music represents a universe of possibilities where the barriers of style are constantly overcome. Live, Antonio Bastos is the real man on stage, with a contagious and scenic presence.