KIA Room @FÁBRICA DO PÃO - DIA 9 MAR / 20:30h

Before being known by DJ Glue, Miguel Negretti was known for being "the DJ of Da Weasel". When he accepted the "weasel" invitation, he would have been far from imagining that he would be part of one of the few Portuguese bands to sell out venues like Coliseus and Pavilhão Atlântico. Glue then specialized as a black music DJ attentive to the present of hip-hop and connoisseur of a story that still is a source of inexhaustible raw material of beats and samples. Da Weasel ended in 2010, but Glue never left the music, being a frequent presence in clubs and parties all over the country. In 2015, he debuts as producer through the invitation of Carlão (Pacman, at the time of Da Weasel) for his most recent album, "Quarenta." Earlier this year, he saw his monthly residency at Lux, "C.R.E.A.M." turned to a radio show, following the same line of reasoning at the Santa Apolónia club: celebrating new trends in the hip-hop and electronics universe. In 2018, the celebration is at Lisboa Dance Festival!