HUB Room @GRILLAS - DIA 10 MAR / 20:30h

Thomas Moen Hermansen, better known as Prins Thomas, is a Norwegian producer and DJ of electronic music practicing a very particular style, space-disc, a mix of disco, house, minimal techno, electro Krautrock, fusion jazz, space rock and much more! 2005 was a defining year for Prins Thomas and for all music lovers; he witnessed the birth of the album "Lindstrom & Prins Thomas" in collaboration with Norwegian producer Lindstrom. That same year, he founded Full Pupp, through which he edited a lot of music in his own name, but whose main goal was to edit works by other space-disk producers. Todd Terje was one of those producers. His prolific discography goes hand in hand with countless collaborations, remixes and even DJ sets all over the world. In 2018, Prins Thomas' space-album lands at Lisboa Dance Festival!