how to balance artistic and commercial interests in the present?

In a market as specific as it is the Portuguese, the relationship of brands with music is a pressing and unavoidable reality, generating incredible opportunities, but also potentiating possible tensions. How do the different interests of brands, artists and producers harmonize? A debate that matters frankly, especially in the field of electronic music where these relations have yielded fertile results.

Lisbon is one of the most vibrant present destinations, idea reiterated by numerous articles in the specialized press and reality easily verifiable by those who circulate in the city. Music festivals and other cultural events obviously have an important role in capturing the attention of those who choose Lisbon as their holiday destination. Are these events being thought from this perspective?

How is Lisbon seen from the outside?

The vibrant Lisbon music scene and the festival offerings have attracted the attention of many international thinkers about our city. On the other hand, Lisbon presents enough attractions to seduce many creative minds, artists and other industry players who have chosen this city as the basis for their work.