Find the wedding dress that was made for you

Find the wedding dress that was made for you

Your wedding day is your time to shine. The only day when all eyes are on you at every moment. Do you want to find the most perfect wedding dress right? The thing is you can not just go to the nearest wedding apparel store and take the first coat from the racket as you see. Finding your dream gown will take some time and effort. Are you ready for your search? Read on to learn our best tips for finding the wedding dress that was made for you.

Start early

When you are looking for the perfect wedding dress timing is all. You should start your search at the start of your wedding planning - generally about 8 to 11 months before your wedding - to give a lot of time to look at all styles and different dresses in different places. If you do not know what you want when it comes to style you may want to go to some wedding showcases or fashion shows before the search starts to get an idea of the style elements youre looking for.

Most utility rooms do not accept walk-ins so it is recommended that you make a meeting before trying to shop. Its common to bring your mom sister or couple of bridesmaids to get a second opinion when youre looking for But keep in mind that weekends are the busiest times for wedding dresses. If you are looking for a less hectic experience go on a daily basis.


Unfortunately most bridal shops do not have all sizes of every dress they sell. You can stop trying on many many dresses that are not your size. When you decide on a dress the store will take your measurements and order the style in the right size. Bridal sizes usually run one to two sizes smaller than your usual clothes so do not panic if you have to order a larger size than normal. Each manufacturer has its own dimensioning scheme to help you find the right size and your sales person should be able to help with that.

Whatever you do do not order a dress that is too small with the hope that it will "motivate" you to lose weight before the wedding. Order what your size is now and if you lose weight you can make it change you will definitely not worry about spending extra money if you make your dress less. You can always make your dress smaller but its really hard to make a wedding dress bigger.

changes to

When possible it is better to have changes to wedding dresses made by the store where you bought it. Wherever your dress has changed bring all underwear slip bra etc. and the shoes you will wear on your wedding day to ensure your dress is the right length and fit. If your dress has a train ask your tailor to add a motion so you can dance more easily at the reception. Request and enter one of your friends or family members as the individual to wake your dress before the front desk. This person should participate in your latest fitting so he and she knows exactly how to do it. You should have your dress changed as close to your wedding day as possible but do not leave it for the last minute if there are any changes. Most tailors need 4 to 6 week turnaround time to make sure all your changes are complete.


Last but not least you can access your dress on the big day but pay attention to your choices especially if your dress is already intricately detailed. Your accessories should complement your dress do not overlook it. Remember to take into account the location season and formality of your wedding when you accessorize.

Most of all keep in mind that your perfect wedding dress makes you feel like the most beautiful woman in the world. You may have to try 100 different dresses but when you put on it you know you found the perfect dress.

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