Tunic Dress

Tunic Dress

A tunic dress is a loose fit garment with either long or short sleeves. It may be unbelievable but these dresses were originally borne by men and not women. Tunic dresses were used by the men of Roman civilization. This is a good addition to any wardrobe.

Its a simple pullover garment that is easy to wear versatile and flattering to any shape. These clothes have been around for a long time and they are here to stay. Women especially love them. Its a must in a womens wardrobe together with the shirt shirt the white shirt and the flat shirts.

The length of the fabric extends to the knees or up to the middle of the thighs and ankles. They have an opening for the head. It is very easy to wear stylishly and comfortably. The word tunic originates from the Latin word Tunica which means former Greek clothing. Tunics are available in a number of lengths and styles.

Examples are smocks and beautiful frills. These clothes look stylish when wearing worn boots or skinny jeans. The shortcomings can easily be covered by these fashion statements. Flabby things and big thumbs can easily be hidden.

Short dress

These end over the hips and simply look divine on lean women. These also give an illusion of bigger breasts which is very good news for women who are not talented in that area. Women who have big or round hips or waistbands should clear this design. The material clings to the body when it blows off the wind so its not so good when it comes to hiding a big stomach.

Long Dress and Mini Dress

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